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Why The Blog ?

Mask on, I walked through the front door of my new client’s home last week and immediately became giddy as I smelled the sawdust and heard the hammers banging. My client laughed when I clapped my hands and exclaimed that I love nothing more than a good old job site in full swing. Participating in the transformation of a space and demystifying the process for my clients is what it’s all about for me. When one of my favorite clients referred to me as her “design Sherpa” I knew I was doing something right. I truly believe that every selection and decision made can be something fun and joyful rather than a source of anxiety and angst.

To many, seeing your home in a state of partial demolition and seeming chaos can be overwhelming and stressful. Are the black-and-white lines of a floor plan disorienting to you? Are you second-guessing the decisions you have made and struggling with where to prioritize your spending when picking out appliances, cabinets, faucets, lighting, hardware, countertops and more? Oh and let’s not forget, you probably need to furnish that newly constructed or renovated home! A little word to the wise, you will probably want to take a seat (and maybe a sip of something stiff) before you open your drapery and upholstery proposals! The reality is, custom architecture and interior design doesn’t come free, it’s a luxury and if it’s what you desire, you will need to be prepared to budget as such. Those pretty pictures you see in magazines didn’t just get thrown together on a whim!

If you are reading this, you very likely already know me or at least a little something about me. As a professional, I try to check my ego at the door and put the best interest of my clients and the overall project outcome as the highest priority. It’s all about helping YOU create something beautiful and functional to elevate your daily life.

Why the blog?? My Instagram feed is a live portfolio of my work, sometimes with pretty professional pics but most frequently, iphone snaps. I tend to utilize Instagram stories to share my design process, day to-day thoughts and inspiration, however they are fleeting by nature and I find myself putting a lot of energy into creating them. I am hopeful that this will be a space that you may refer back to where I can answer questions that I’m commonly asked, talk about what inspires me, highlight vendors and artisans who I admire, and sprinkle in a little about myself along the way. I certainly never thought I would be blogging, let alone during a global pandemic. With a world full of uncertainty and so many families and individuals in flux and having to navigate work/ school/ etc from home, creating efficient and beautiful spaces to enhance our daily lives has become more relevant than ever. Don’t pretend you haven’t walked around your house trying to find the perfect background for your zoom call! I’ll do my best to bring you topics and products that you care about – and perhaps even a little fluff with some frivolous and fun products too. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any specific design dilemmas or areas that you’d like me to cover! Thanks for joining me here and reading along friends!


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